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You are invited to join the handSteady Affiliate Program where your contacts and website visitors benefit from handSteady cups and you get get a commission to support your organisation, business or blog or donation to a charity of your noosing. To express your interest in being a reseller you can email affiliates@handsteady.com or get the Affiliate Info Pack below and we’ll be in touch. We can also send free samples for you to evaluate.

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Discover more about the handSteady Affiliate Programme below to see if it’s right for you. If you would like to promote handSteady cups without getting a commissions then visit the Partners page.

Who is the Affiliate Program for?

The handSteady Affiliate Program is a great way to generate a new income stream to your charity, community group, blog or business. It’s free to join and has no ongoing costs or obligations. The Affiliate Program works particularly well for:

  • Charities that serve people with specific health conditions, carers and older adults
  • Websites, blogs, newsletters, magazines and people with social media
  • Businesses that serve an audience that would be interested in handSteady
  • Internet affiiate marketers and JV brokers

It is recommended that you have a website, newsletter or social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest to be part of this programme (but it’s not required).

How the Affiliate Program works

By simply placing links on your site to our website (whether simple text links or banners that we provide you), social media posts or emails you get paid referral fees for every handSteady sold, based on the payout outlined below.

All you have to do is apply to be an affiliate by filling out a simple form and you'll be e-mailed your very own affiliate code that will allow you to access our fully-interactive Affiliate Resource Center where you can set up as many links and banners to our site as you want! There are also several "copy and paste" e-mail promotions ready to be sent to your mailing list or newsletter!

And from there, you can begin collecting commissions for every customer who click on your links and banners and orders any of our products.

You get 20% commission for the gross sales excluding shipping. If you refer others to become affiliates, you’ll get 10% for commission for every sale they make.

Our standard price for handSteady cups are $20, so you’ll get $4 per cup sold. This means you’ll get the following commission:

10,000 cups = $40,000

1,000 cups = $4,000
100 cups = $400
10 cups = $40

How the Affiliate Program works

Here are just a few more reasons for joining the Affiliate Program:

Participate for FREE

Earn 20% commission, and 10% of commissions of other affiliates you introduce to us

Low refund rate

Good conversion rates of up to 10% of visitors from affiliates ordering cups

Add value to your website

Be up and running TODAY - after you register, you will have access to the control panel, which will give you everything you need to get started (banners, username, stats, etc.

If someone visits our site and does not buy today, but re-visits the site anytime within the next year and purchases one of our products, you still earn your referral fee (because of our advanced tracking provided by the Infusionsoft.com).

You can track your earnings in real time (simply log-in above at any time!)

We take care of everything - charging the credit cards, shipping the orders, and providing any customer service necessary. You collect the checks each and every month.

Our handSteady product is unique, helping improve the quality of life of people in ways that would be impossible any other way. It makes interesting reading for your contacts.

With our advanced tools and tracking, you can create an unlimited number of ads to track which marketing efforts are making you more money.

You receive email notification every time someone purchases through you. All you do is simply place a link (or multiple links if you are promoting more than one product) to a special URL that we provide you to track the orders. This url you'll be linking to has your very own affiliate code in it which lets us know when a sale is made by you.

How to become an affiliate

The next steps are as follows:

  • Get the Affiliate Info Pack by enering your detais in the form below
  • You’ll instantly get the pack and access to an Application Form. Complete this Application Form.
  • Your application will be instantly approved (and later reviewed by our affiliate dept) and you will be able to login to your account, which will give you all the details and assign you special links that you will use to link to handSteady.com (so we can track the sales from your site).
  • You will also be provided with a URL that you can check your stats and earnings in real-time. As you can see, we have everything covered for you ... now, all we need is your participation.

After joining, you then instantly start earning referral fees for all sales that are generated from the visitors who were referred by your site and who then purchase from our site. If you experience any problems, please email affiliates@handsteady.com.

Get the Affiliate Info Pack

Simply enter your name and email below.