Now you can make drinking easier, with less spills and more confidence

Introducing handSteady® – the world’s first and only cup with a Rotatable Handle™ and Hidden Lid for people with limited dexterity, pain, weakness, tremor and other health related challenges.

  • Stops spills and improves control, comfort, confidence, independence & dignity
  • Rotatable Handle™ keeps cup level and steady, and makes it tilting to drink easier
  • Hidden Lid™ hardly visible to retain dignity, keeps drinks hotter & further reduces spills
  • Recommended by healthcare professionals and used by over 20,000 people worldwide

Do you find normal cups difficult to use due to tremor, pain, limited dexterity, weakness or other health related challenges?

How would you like to stop spilling your drink?

What if you could restore your confidence when drinking?

Imagine socialising with friends over coffee feeling completely relaxed without worrying about spilling your drink.

Finally, there’s a better way to stop spilling your drinks that could:

  • Reduce your anxiety when drinking, especially when socialising
  • Save you time and money cleaning stained clothes, carpets and furniture

And in this article, you’ll find out all about it.

Have you ever experienced this before... spilling your drink in a restaurant...

... staining your top, drawing attention from others and feeling stressed – making it harder to enjoy your meal out?

If you can relate to this, you could find the following really helpful.

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • How to stop spills effortlessly (it’s like being able to press the easy button for the very first time)
  • The number one type of cup you must avoid using if you want to drink with confidence
  • Our step-by-step process to drinking easily despite tremor, pain, limited dexterity, weakness and other challenges

Can you imagine never having to worry about spilling your drink or staining your clothes or furniture?

What would that do for your quality of life?

We suggest you pay close attention to what is shared in this article.

It could mean the difference between drinking confidentally or continuing to feel anxious when using a cup, especially in social settings.

Because, you’re about to discover some essential principles for making drinking easier in a new way that you’ll be able to put into action right away.

Perhaps you’ll feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun when it comes to making drinking easier and for one reason or another you can’t seem to stop spills in a dignified way.

You’ve likely been disappointed that no matter how hard you try to drink normally like you used to, you haven’t seem to have fond a solution.

Well, by the end of this article, you’ll see a tested and proven approach to stopping spills.

Why we're the ones to help you to drink easier

My name is Chris Peacock and I’m the CEO of handSteady Ltd, a company specialised in helping people to drink easier in new ways by manufacturing and distributing the one of a kind handSteady cups.

handSteady is used by many people all around the world and is recommended by health experts. The invention is patented and studies have proven its effectiveness in addressing difficulties faced with conventional cups.

We and our handSteady solution have won awards from Dyson, the Guardian, Lord Snowdon and Help the Aged. We've also been featured by the media.

The story behind our search for a solution

I first became interested in creating a solution for people who struggle with normal cups when a close family member developed a tremor. I could see how this would affect his quality of life and I wanted to do something about it.

So I spent 4 years working with health professionals and individuals with a range of conditions to come up with, test and refine a solution that was BOTH safe and effective.

Finally, all of the hard work, testing and research paid off...

We discovered a completely natural way to making cups easier to use that didn't involve a change in medication, expensive trips to the doctors, and didn't carry any harmful side effects.

Just a simple drinking cup but with a range of unique features.

Introducing handSteady®:
the safe and natural way
to drink easier again

This ground breaking device that is changing the way people drink with less spills, more control and more comfort is called handSteady® - which is a cup with a unique Rotatable Handle™ and Hidden Lid™.

handSteady® is designed to help you drink with dignity by looking as normal as possible.

You simply start using handSteady® cups, and within a day or so you're likely to notice that you no longer have the difficulties with cups that may have been part of your life for so long.

handSteady® includes 6 innovative features...

The handle smoothly rotates 360o

Feature 1: The Rotatable Handle™

The handle smoothly rotates 360o

Unlike other cups, the handle on handSteady can smoothly rotate 360 degrees. In a moment you'll see how it works.

But, in summary, the Rotatable Handle lets the cup self-level and self-stabilize, so you can hold it in comfortable and stable positions where tremor is less...

... you can then tilt it with more control by pivoting it with your mouth, hand or thumb.

The handle also allows you to drink without bending your wrist, lifting your elbow or leaning your head back as far.

The lid is easy to insert and remove

Feature 2: The Hidden Lid™

The lid is easy to insert and remove

The Hidden Lid sits on the rim of the handSteady cup and is discreet to preserve your dignity.

The lid reduces spills... keeps drinks hotter for longer... reduces speed of liquid flow... has a straw and drink hole...

and has an inclined surface to return drops into the cup.

It is easy to insert and remove - just push onto your cup in the desired position to insert, then push up to remove.

The cup feels light when lifting

Feature 3: Lightweight

The cup feels light when lifting

The cups are approximately 30% lighter than normal china cups, weighing just 4.5 oz. (103g).

The handle is also designed to not stick out to far from the cup, which also makes it feel light weight.

As such, you’ll find handSteady cups is easier to lift if you have weakness and joint pain - saving you energy.

It’s microwave and dishwasher safe

Feature 4: Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

It’s microwave and dishwasher safe

handSteady is made from BPA free polypropylene plastic making it microwave safe, dishwasher safe and break proof.

This makes it easy heat up drinks and keep the cup clean, and stops the cups from breaking if dropped.

It’s also sterlizable, in autoclave machines, and stains can be removed by placing a tea spoon of biocarbonate of soda with water in the cup and leaving for a few hours.

Handle large enough for four fingers

Feature 5: Ergonomic Grip

Handle large enough for four fingers

The handle is large enough for up to 4 fingers.

This allows the weight of the drink to be spread cross the hand and fingers to reduce pressure and discomfort.

The Double Arc handle shape and Rotatable Handle lets you hold the handle in many secure and comfortable ways...

... such as turning the handle 180 degrees, which increases stability as the centre of gravity is lower...

... or, the ‘power grip’ hold with a clenched fist, which reduces the chances of you dropping the cup.

Designed to look and feel elegant

Feature 6: Elegant Design

Designed to look and feel elegant

Whilst handSteady is made from plastic, it is color matched and designed to look like a fine bone china coffee mug, making it suitable for many environments, such as restaurants and cafes.

It is a normal size of 8.5 fl oz (250 ml), which is ideal for coffee machines. The inside of the cup is slightly inclined, which helps with not needing to lify your head back as far.

It has a thin Curved Rim to feel elegant when drinking and reduce the chances of ugly drip stains outside of the cup.

Here’s how the Rotatable
Handle™ works to eliminate
your frustration with cups...

The scientific breakthrough in handSteady® is the Rotatable Handle™, which smoothly rotates 360° thanks to two ball bearings inside a low friction mechanism in the handle. This makes drinking easier in unique ways.

Whilst the Rotatable Handle™ can seem counter intuitive at first, it doesn’t take long before it feels completely natural to use.

Here’s how to use the Rotatable Handle™ in 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Stays Upright

Tilt the handle to make it easy to pick up, hold the handle at any angle and the cup stays upright, and bring the cup to your mouth without needing to bend your wrist.

The Rotatable Handle™ frees the cup to stay upright and self-level using gravity. This reduces the chances of spills, frees you to hold the handle in comfortable and stable positions and frees you to use one hand rather than two if you have weak wrists.

Tilt the handle to make
it easy to pick up
Hold the handle at any angle and the cup stays upright
Bring to your mouth without needing to bend your wrist

As shown in the diagrams, to lift the handSteady® cup - start by tilting the Rotatable Handle™ to make it easy to pick.

Then as you clasp the handle and lift up, hold the handle at any comfortable angle.

You can then bring it to your mouth without needing to bend your wrist, which is ideal if you can’t bend your wrist or if you have wrist pain.

As a bonus, you can also grasp the handle with the back of your hand when it’s on a side table, and bring it to your mouth without needing to twisting your body - which is ideal if you have restricted motion or have limited energy.

Step 2. Tilts Easily

The cup tilts for drinking easily by pivoting the cup with your mouth, other hand or thumb. You can also tilt it like a normal cup by fixing the cup using your thumb.

You can easily tilt handSteady® cups to drink with more comfort without needing to bend your wrist, raise your elbow or lift your head back as far.

Use your mouth to
pivot the cup to tilt it
Use your other hand to
pivot the cup to tilt it
Use your thumb to
pivot the cup to tilt it

Here’s how you can tilt the cup by holding the cup near your mouth, then pivoting the cup by....

  • using your mouth - either bowing your head or pushing your mouth into the cup, or by placing your mouth on the rim of the cup and lifting the handle.
  • using your thumb - either pressing your thumb on the rim or side of the cup with your thumb.
  • using your other hand - either clasping the cup and tilting the cup, or pushing the base of the cup outward. This gives you more control as you can take the weight of the cup in the hand holding handle, and control the tilting with your other hand.

You can also fix the cup in place with your thumb and tilt the cup like a normal cup.

However, by being able to tilt the cup easily, means you it’s easier to drink if you are drinking with your chin on your chest and you don’t have to sit up as far when drinking in bed.

The Rotatable Handle™ also makes the cup ideal as a feeder cup, as your helper can hold the cup near the mouth and you or they can control the tilt.

Step 3. Keeps Steady

You can keep the cup steady in mays such as holding in the handle in stable positions where tremor is less such as 90°, or lowering the center of gravity by holding at 180° or letting the cup swing freely with centrifugal force stopping spills

handSteady® cups are designed to be more steady in a several ways if you have tremor or reduced coordination. This reduces spills, saving time and money, reducing anxiety and increasing control, well-being, confidence, independence, inner peace and dignity.

Hold the hande in stable
positions where tremor is less
Hold the handle at 180°
for increased stability
Let the cup swing freely and
centrifugal force stops spills

Here are the main ways you can hold the cup steady:

  • hold the handle in stable positions - such as holding the handle at 90° where your forearm can’t twist any further so essentially becomes locked in place
  • hold the cup in front of you and let gravity stabilise the cup - despite twisting forearm tremor
  • hold the handle at 180° - to lower the centre of gravity for more stability
  • hold the cup with two hands - which reduces the effect of tremor in the hand holding the handle on the cup.
  • let the cup swing freely - such as when walking or with dyskinesia - and centrifugal force will keep your drink in the cup.
  • anchor your elbows - such as placing and keeping your elbows on a table, arm of a chair or by your side for stability throughout the drinking process.

It’s a recommended solution for drinking
easier and no prescription is required!

Healthcare professionals all over the world recommend handSteady cups to their patients. It’s a best selling product in Parkinson’s UK’s Daily Living Aids catalogue, who say the cup “... can make easily enjoying cup of tea a reality once again for people with Parkinson’s”.

The National Tremor Foundation refer patients to the cups, who say, “... incredibly useful for the act of drinking.”

Health Design Technology Institute in the UK completed a usability study and said, “users that the cup worked for felt safe and it reduced the risks of spillages.”

It’s injection molded and hand finished to exemplary quality ISO9001 standards - and it’s available without a prescription

Hear the stories of just a few of the
many people it has ALREADY helped...

Will handSteady work for you?

Some people use the cups just some of the time such as when their symptoms are worse or when they’re travelling. Whilst others find them so helpful that they use them all the time!

Here are a few case studies of people just like you, who were suffering with finding normal cups difficult to use, but are now able to drink easily again...

“... keep liquids in the mug despite my tremor”

Watch Jackie drink easier

Jackie has had tremor for 39 years.

In the past her cups would shake with her tremor, which resulted in spillages, especially when walking from the kitchen to the living room.

Now, with handSteady, she holds the handle at an angle where her tremor is less and spills are a thing of the past.

“... it’s a lot easier to tilt into the mouth”

Watch John drink easier

John has muscle weakness due to Multiple Sclerosis.

In the past John would need to put a lot of effort into holding his cups upright and manipulating with both hands as he brings it to his mouth.

Now, with handSteady, John can drink more easily without and more easily control the liquid flow when drinking.

“... keep liquids in the mug despite my tremor”

Watch Kate drink easier

Kate has dyskinesia due to Parkinson’s.

In the past Kate would have frequent spillages resulting in time being spent cleaning.

handSteady cups enabled Kate to drink without spilling, as she allowed the cup to move with the swinging motion of dyskinesia and centrifugal force kept the drink in the cup.

Jan and her dad in a cafe

"... not spilt a drop of coffee since he's had it"

Jan and her dad in a cafe

Jan Wright said, "I bought this mug for my father as his hand tremors were getting worse and he was getting embarrassed about always spilling his coffee when we went out."

“We have now taken it to about five difference cafes and everyone has been happy to give him his drink in it.

“It looks like a normal cup and Dad hasn’t spilled a drop of coffee since he’s had it.”

Anne Camozzi

"... decrease pain... more confident"

Anne Camozzi

Anne Cammozzi said, "The handSteady cup makes such a huge improvement in the quality and ease of my life, I can't stop talking about it."

“Not only does it decrease pain, spasm, and spillage significantly, it makes me feel more comfortable and confident in social occasions. I love the grip.”

“I had not expected the pain reduction in the ability to drink without tilting my neck back.”

Louise Kitchin

"... tremor in his hand... no more spillages"

Louise Kitchin

Louise said, "handSteady was purchased for my grandfather who has tremor in his hand which is is very conscious of."

“Whilst he was not thrilled with the thought of using a different cup from everyone else, he is now thrilled with the ease of drinking this cup has provided him."

"He loves it and is grateful there are no more spillages.”

What is making drinking
easier worth to you?

“My hand shakes; my handSteady cup doesn’t (shake)” Eli Benksy, Texas

When you consider the cost of spilling drinks in terms of cleaning furniture, clothes and carpets, and the importance of the activity of drinking in daily living...

... you may consider the value of drinking to be priceless.

So, even though the cost to make handSteady is subsantial, we’ve worked hard to make it available for as low as possible so as many people can benefit from it.

It’s now available for just $20 plus shipping.

This equates to just $1.67 per month over a year to be FREE of difficulties with cups that may have been making your life so unpleasant for so long.

You're covered by a 90 day
money back guarantee!

I understand you could have tried many products only to be disappointed time and again. So you may be uncertain if handSteady will be any different.

It's a fair point...

... so to put your mind at ease, the cups come with a completely risk free 100% money back guarantee:

Try handSteady at home for the next 90 days...

... and see for yourself if handSteady cups make drinking easier for you.

If it doesn’t, either send the cups back, or give to a good cause (like a care home) and email us...

... we’ll then instantly process a full 100% refund.

In just a few minutes, you can
be on your way to a life FREE of
difficulties with using cups

Are you ready to put an END to your difficulties cups once and for all?!

To wake up in the morning knowing your day will be completely FREE of difficulties with cups and spilling drinks that may have been plaguing you... possibly for years?

Order your handSteady cups right away and in just days you can be drinking easier once again with more control, comfort, independence and dignity.

And remember, you're fully covered 100% money back guarantee, so you’ve got NOTHING to lose giving handSteady a try. Nothing but your difficulties with cups that is.

To get started with handSteady cups right now, simply follow the link below.

Click here to order handSteady cups now

I look forward to helping you drink easier.

Chris Peacock

PS. Remember your cups include a lid. If you order right now, the estimated delivery date is . You’ll also get an automated receipt with delivery details sent by email as soon as you order. To order - Click Here >>