Read about who we are and how we can work together if you’re interested in reselling, promoting or featuring handSteady, or buying on bulk for healthcare or as corporate gifts.

Why we’re well placed to assist you

Hello, my name is Chris Peacock, and I set up handSteady Ltd to help people get a better quality of life by drinking easier with handSteady cups.

Since 2012, we’ve helped thousands of people to drink easier in over 30 countries. Our solution is patented, meaning we’re the only company producing cups with Rotatable Handles.

We’ve been featured by NBC News, BBC News, Reader’s Digest, Forbes, Discovery News, Channel 5 France,

The Huffington Post and The Guardian. And our solution has won multiple awards.

We have a wide network of resellers, affiliates, health experts, hospitals and charities who refer patients to handSteady daily.

Producing your cups

handSteady cups are produced in compliance with ISO9001 quality standards using food and drink safe material (the cup is made from polypropelene, and has a silicon seal).

An injection moulding process is used to create a very precise high quality product. This is important because for the Rotatable Handle mechanism to smoothly rotate, the dimensions need to be accurate to half the width of a human hair. It also means the rim of the cup and the rim of the Hidden Lid is smooth to touch.

The cups are then hand assembled, checked and tested using rigorous testing procedures led by highly profficient engineers. Once created, we place the cups in packaging with illustrated instructions on how to use the cups and referral cards to make it easy for you to let others know about the product.

We then pack the cups in strong packing boxes and ship them to our distribution centre in the UK.

Delivering your order

We deliver your order direct from our distribution centre in the UK. The address is handSteady Ltd, The Distribution Centre, Princes Drive, Kenilworth, CV8 2FD. If you order on our website, your order details will be sent across to the distribution team. If you order via email if you are an organisation ordering by purchase order, we’ll email your order to the distribution team.

Once they receive your order, they’ll pick, pack and post your order. We use first class mail and priority air mail for small order quantities, and courier shipping for larger order quantities. For bulk orders we also provide the products ex works either from our distribution centre or from our production facility in China. You can then organise freight forwarding or we can do this for you.

We aim to despatch your order the day we receive it if you place your order before 1pm. For larger order quantities we have a 6 week lead time (or 8 weeks during national orders) for producing the cups, then if delivering via the UK, a further 6 weeks for shipping time by boat, or 1 week if delivering by air freight.

Delivery times are estimated to be 2-3 weeks worldwide, 1-2 weeks for Europe and 1-4 days for UK orders.

Why order direct from us

The main benefit of ordering from us if you’re a consumer is that we offer a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. This gives you an extended period to try the cup at home, giving it a chance over the period of a number of weeks and not feel stressed about needing to quickly return it for a refund.

Our return policy for consumer orders is that we will refund your order including shipping, but excluding your shipping cost to return it. If the return cost to ship it is expensive due to international shipping, just get in touch as we can arrange a refund without returning it, but we ask that you donate the cup to someone who could benefit from it.

You’ll also get the cups at the manufacturers price and they won’t be inflated. Resellers like to order direct from us, particularly those who order larger quantities, as they get a good price, we deliver quickly, have a relatively low minimum order quantity and offer an easy net-30 day payment term. Resellers also get free sample cups to evaluate before placing orders.

Healthcare organisations order direct from us due to getting a discount, as well as an opportunity in most cases for getting a free sample cup to evaluate before placing the order

The story behind our search for a solution

My interest in finding a solution for drinking easier began when a family member developed a hand tremor. I saw their cup shake with their hand, and became concerned about spills and burns.

At the time I was at the Royal College of Art studying industrial design, so I started resarching and developing a solution. I went on to work with over 100 health professionals and individuals. Finally, all the hard work paid off.

We discovered that the biggest problem with normal cups is that handles are fixed in a single position. This requires high levels of dexterity and stability - which causes hardship for many people.

So we created a new way to drink easier without expensive trips to the doctor, changes in medication, surgery or physical therapy.

Just a simple cup, with several innovations, including a unique Rotatable Handle which addresses problems with normal cups.

Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values

Our company is called handSteady Ltd. Our headquarters is in the the UK, with our distribution centre in Kenilworth - which is in the middle of England close to where William Shakespeare lived. Our company number is is 06575782 and we’re VAT registered. We’re international in that we serve clients all over the world all the time.

Our vision is a world where all people are empowered with capabilities to live lives they value.

Our purpose is to help people have a great quality of life despite challenges from living with a health condition. We do this primarily by making and distributing handSteady cups, and secondarily by connecting people with other equally life changing solutions.

Our mission is to build an active community of people who are being empowered to courageously take steps to improve their quality of life. We will do this via supplying and connecting people with life changing products, as well as a introducing system of life improvements.

Our values are to be friendly, professional, innovative, caring, responsive, ambitious and fun.

How we could work together

Here’s how we could work together:

You can become a Reseller of handSteady cups. We can work with wholesalers of aids for daily living, suppliersof medical equipments to hositals and care homes, specialist shops and high street stores. Contact us to learn about our Resellers Program.

You can become an Affiliate. We’ll give you all the resources you need to list handSteady on your website and promote it in your publications and newsletters. We’ll then give you a commission for your visitors & contacts who order handSteady cups. Contact us to learn more about the Affiliate Program.

You can become a Referral Partner. Again we’ll give you resources to list handSteady on your website and share information on the product to your contacts. However, unlike an Affiliate, you won’t be receive a commission. This is helpful for individuals and organisations who aren’t able to or in a position to receive commissions. Contact us to learn more about the Referral Program.

As a Healthcare professional or organisation you can refer patients and clients to handSteady cups or order. We provide ordering options including ordering by purchase orders and payment on a net-30 day payment term, or payment by credit cards, debit cards or PayPal. We can also print your logo on the cups. If you would like to demonstrate and try handSteady cups with patients, or let them know about it, you can get a full suite of resources on the products and subject to availability, we can send you free samples to use as demonstration cups. Contact us to learn more about the Healthcare Program.

If you are intersted in donating handSteady cups as a Corporate Gift, we can print your brand and design on the cups. This is ideal for pharmaceutical sales teams and corporations and foundations donating cups to healthcare settings. It’s a double benefit of presencing your brand, introducing an innovative product to your clients and prospects, having high visibility of your brand in a healthcare setting. Contact us to learn more about the Corporate Gift Program.

If you are Press, including mainstream media, trade press, magazine, radio, TV, bloggers, podcaster or website, we can instantly provide you with excellent resources to quickly and comprehensively feature handSteady cups. You could combine this with joining the Affiliate Program if you’re interested in generating an advertising income. We also are able to do promos. Contact us to learn more about how we work with Press.

Corporate Information

Company name: handSteady Ltd. Company address: 6 Princes Drive, Kenilworth, CV8 2FD, UK. Company registration number: 06575782.