Affiliate URLs

Instructions are enclosed below.

This page is for creating your own links to a web-page of your choosing on It’s particularly helpful for setting up tracking for campaigns.


  1. Check below if you’re happy with the “custom slug” which is the wording
    included in the URL links. You can change it in Settings.
  2. Please note, you can have up to 3 websites set up that all referrals from your
    website(s) are tracked. Go to the Direct Links page to check your website is
    listed and add other websites (such as microsites) if relevant.
  3. Check you’re in your country or region by looking at the flag and currency
    at the top of this page. If you need to change it, click “Change?” above. This
    will ensure your visitors see any relevant country specific information and their
    own currency (if it’s one of the main currencies we sell in). If you serve an
    international audience you can select “International” where the default
    currency is US Dollars.
  4. Enter in the box below the page on that you want to refer
    people to. The default Page URL is our home page.
  5. If you are generating a link for a campaign, such as a Christmas social media
    drive, you can enter a name for your campaign below to enable tracking of
    links specific to that campaign.
  6. Click on General URL and your “Referral URL” will appear.
  7. Copy and paste this Referral URL and use it in your social media, emails,
    websites etc. to refer people to your selected page on the handSteady
    website. You can also use the share buttons below to share the link straight
  8. Go to Statistics to see how many visits and the resulting orders from people
    who click on your Referral URL.