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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about handSteady with the following frequently asked questions.

The frequently asked questions are divided into the following categories. You can click on these links to jump to the revelant section, or simply scroll down.

Product Questions

Ordering Questions

  1. Where can I purchase handSteady cups?
    You can purchase thandSteady cups on this website using our Secure Order Form. You can also get it via resellers including Amazon.
  2. Is it safe to order online?
    Yes it’s safe to order on our Secure Order Form. We use 256bit SSL encryption to ensure your order is 100% safe. We’ve processed all orders safely on this website since 2012.
  3. How many handSteady cups should I get?
    Many handSteady cup owners find handSteady cups so beneficial that they use them all the time. In fact many people get 4 handSteady cups - 2 for the home, 1 for taking out and 1 for keeping at a friend’s or family members.
  4. What happens after I order?
    You’ll receive an automated email confirmation. You can review the Welcome Pack page to get lots of guidance for using the product. You can also share this pack with the person you’ve bought the cups for, if relevant. We’ll then get your delivery details to the fulfilment team at our distribution center. They will pick, pack and ship your order normally on the same day. if it’s Monday to Friday, or alternatively, a Monday if you order over the weekend. We’ll write to you by email to let you know the cup has been despatched. Your product will then get be with you within 2 weeks (by _____ if you order today). If you’re anxious if the order has gone through or if you’re wondering where your order is, you can Contact Us and we can let you know.
    We’ll email you to provide some helpful information for using the product, as well as ask for your feedback on the buying and shipping process, and in due course on the product. Our goal is to help you drink easier, so we’ll be on hand to help you try different ways of using the cup. Going forward we are creating a weekly podcast introducing you to other solutions that can help you have a quality of life despite health related challenges, and we would like to contact you when the podcasts are available. If you don’t want these emails, you can Contact Us let us know or unsubscribe at any time.
  5. Did you get my order?
    If you received an order confirmation on the webpage, that would indicate we have received your order. You should also have received an email when you order, and if you’re yet to receive it, just check in your Spam or Junk folder. Please do Contact Us if you’re unsure if your order went through.
  6. I am having problems placing my order, what should I do?
    We apologize if you are experience any issues when trying to place your order. The first thing to try is using a different browswer (for example, Chrome, Internet Explore, Safari, or Firefox). Please also feel more than free to Contact Us and we will do our best to solve the issue.
  7. I am concerned I ordered accidentally twice as I had trouble placing my order, can you check?
    Yes, Contact Us and we can confirm. However, it’s worth noting that if you only received one order confirmation email, it’s unlikely that your order went through more than once.
  8. Do you offer bulk order discounts?
    Yes, you can Contact Us for more information on bulk orders, or visit our Healthcare and Corporate Gifts pages for further information.
  9. Can I pay by purchase order?
    Yes, you ca if you’re an organsiation and need to pay by purchase order. Just Contact Us with the details. We’ll then ship the products and send you an invoice. You can pay by bank transfer, credit card, debit card or PayPal within 30 days.
  10. Can I pay by bank transfer?
    Yes, you can pay by bank transfer. if you are an organisation and paying by purchase order.
  11. Where can I submit feedback on the website and ordering process?
    To give feedback on the website, click here. To give feedback on the ordering process, click here.
  12. What methods of payments do you accept?
    We accept Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, as well as Paypal. Your transaction will appear as “HandSteady Limited” on your bank statement. If you are having trouble, please contact Contact Us.
  13. Can I order internationally? If so, where do you ship.
    Yes, you can order from any country and we can ship to any location. If you would like to pay in a different currency, please look at the list of countries and currencies at the top left of this page. You can either switch to this, or pay in the listed currency and your bank will convert from your currency to the currency stated on the page.
  14. What’s your privacy policy?
    Please visit our Privacy Notice to see our privacy policy.
  15. What are your terms and conditions?
    Please visit our Terms page to see our terms and conditions.

Shipping and Returns

Company Questions

  1. Is there anything else like handSteady?
    handSteady cups are unique. They are patented and are the only cups in the world with a Rotatable Handle. This technology makes drinking easier in ways that would be impossible any other way.
  2. Why should I buy handSteady cups from you rather than anyone else?
    Three reasons. Firstly, we offer a long 90-day money back guarantee, so you can try the cups over an extended period. in the comfort of your own home, and out when socialising. Secondly, we’re a credible company and can deliver your order quickly. Thirdly, whlst we have an a growing network of resellers, it’s not necessarily available near to you.
  3. Do you have information on the Hidden Lid?
    Yes. Here’s a link to information on the Hidden Lid on our Home page.
  4. Should I wait getting handSteady cups until my condition gets worse?
    If you think handSteady cups could help you, we think it could be beneficial to get them now to try at home. This will help you confirm if they are helpful for you. You’ll get used to using them for when you need them later, which will help you have a more confident future. Plus, if you’re like most people, if you postpone ordering them, it’s all to easy to forget about helpful products like handSteady that can make a tremendous difference to your life. That said, there’s no rush for ordering handSteady cups. We’ll be here for many years to come, so you can order whenever you’re ready.
  5. Do I need to get the view of my healthcare professionals on handSteady cups?
    We think it’s a great idea for you to get the view of your healthcare professionals before ordering or using handSteady cups, or after you’ve started using them. If you would like a fact sheet on the cups to share with your healthcare professionals, just download the Free Guide.
  6. How do I know if handSteady cups will work for me?
    Everyone’s situation is different, so it’s important for you to do the research on if handSteady cups may work for you. We recommend you watch the Video on the home page, read the Free Guide, Who it Helps page and take the Assessment to get custom tips However, the very best way to know for certain if they will work for you is to order them to try at home.
  7. How do you tilt handSteady cups to drink?
    Good question. You hold th cup by the handle and hold it close to you mouth. You can pivot the cup to tilt with your mouth, thumb or other hand. You can also fix the handle in place by placing your thumb on the cup, then tilt it like a normal cup. See the How it Works part of the Home page.
  8. Will others think I’m more disabled by using handSteady cups?
    We’ve designed the handSteady cup and Hidden Lid to look normal (it looks like and is color matched to bone china cups) and like a normal cups so that others won’t necessarily notice it’s a different cup. This should help maintain your dignity. We’ve purposely not branded the cup (apart from a discrete emboss of the logo on the base of the cup) and not used bright colours on the handle. However, some people may notice the handle rotates and may notice the Hidden Lid. But even if they do notice it, people won’t be able to easily place it as a disabled cup as it looks normal.
  9. Do you have a product specification for handSteady cups
    Yes. Here is the handSteady product specification:
  10. Size of cup with lid
  11. Height: 106mm
    Width: 100mm
    Depth: 77mm
  12. Volume
  13. 8.5 fl. oz. (250 ml) which is a standard cup volume
  14. Weight of cup with lid
  15. 3.8 oz (109g)
  16. Rotatable Handle
  17. Smoothly rotates 360o. Large enough for up to four fingers depending on hand and finger sizIncludes two diswhasher safe, self-lubricating ball bearings made from acetal plastic rings and glass balls.
  18. Materials:
  19. Cups is made from polypropelene and a silicon seal around the rim of the Hidden Lid. Both are BPA free food and drink safe. The clips in the Rotatable Handle and ball bearings are acetal, and the balls in the bearings are glass.
  20. Heating and Cleaning
  21. Dishwasher, microwave and autoclave Safe.
  22. Compatibility
  23. Works in mainstream coffee machines and single cup kettles
  24. Drink temperatures
  25. Chilled drinks to hot cups of tea and coffee
  26. Is it safe?
    One of the main benefits of handSteady cups is that it can reduce spills. So in this way, it is safer for people who it works for in this way. However, it’s important you follow the safety instructions. (See below.)
  27. What safety instructions are there?
    • Wash when you receive thoroughly.
    • Learn to use without any drink in, then try with cold water. Note the cup feels different with liquid in.
    • The lid keeps liquid hot, so give it time to cool down before placing the lid on the cup, and sip carefully.
    • Don’t keep the lid on when microwaving
    • Due to the silicon seal, which could be a choking hazard, do not let children under the age of 5 years use.
  28. Will I have to stop using other cups?
    No, not at all. You can keep your other cups, and handSteady can complement them. Some handSteady cup owners use handSteady cups only in certain circumstances, such as when at home alone, in bed, for taking pills, or for when symptoms are worse (such as when they are tired, stressed or anxious - or at certain parts of the day).
  29. Do I need to take the seal off the Hidden Lid when washing the cups?
    Many handSteady cup owners just keep the seal on the lid when washing the cups by hand and in the dishwasher. This reduces the risk of losing the seals. However, some people do like to take the seal off to get a more thorough wash.
  30. Do handSteady cups stain easily? If so, can I get rid of the stains?
    Like other standard cups, overtime handSteady cups can get tea or coffee stains, but these are easily removable. Simply place a tea spoon or biocarbonate of soda or clothes detergent into the cup, fill with water, leave for 6 hours or overnight, then rinse thoroughly. To clean the lid, soak it for 6 hours in a larger tub or bowl again with a tea spoon of biocarbonate of soda or clothes detergent and water, then rinse thoroughly.
  31. Can I order replacement seals for the lid?
    Yes, if you would like to order replacement silicon seals for the lid click here.
  32. Does the material scratch easily?
    No. However, very small scratch marks will form if you use abrasive cloths when cleaning and over time with general use like many other cups.
  33. How long do handSteady cups last for?
    handSteady cups are designed to last for a long-time. The 12-months manufacturers warranty we provide underlines the fact that they should last with intensive use of the period of a year, which could be over 2,000 uses if cups are used 6 times a day. That said, many handSteady owners have cups lasting for numerous years.
  34. Will handSteady cups break if I drop them?
    They are not likely to break. In fact, we have not received any reports of tthe cups breaking if dropped. The material we use is not brittle so is less likely to break than ceramic.
  35. Is the handle slippery because it’s made from plastic?
    The handles are designed for a secure grip. Most people haven’t found them to be slipper at all, but we have had one or two people say it’s a bit more slippery than ceramic cup handles.
  36. Will it deform or go soft when holding hot liquids or in a hot?
    The handSteady cup will not deform when holding hot liquids or in hot water unless purposeful extreme pressure is applied. We have not received any reports of them deforming.
  37. Will I be able to drink the whole drink, or will it be difficult to drink the last bit?
    We’ve designed the cups so you can have a full cup and drink it all. The interior walls of the cup are inclined, which means you don’t need to tilt the cups back as far. You can also pout your lips to push the cup further from away from your nose in order to enable a higher tilt, which is helpful if you have limited neck movement. However, some people find there is a little drink remaining at the end. This is more likely to be the case if you have the lid on the cup.
  38. Who is it not suitable for?
    People with short term memory loss may have to re-learn using the cup everytime, or get surprised with the rotatable handle. Also people who are resistent to trying specialist cups are less likely to be interested in trying handSteady, which is worth bearing in mind if you are giving it to them as a gift, but once people persist in using as and when they need the cup, they often see dramatic improvements to drinking easier.
  39. Will I get nervous when using it, making my tremor get worse?
    When you first start using the cup, you might do. This is because the rotatable handle seems less intuitive at first due to you spending a lifetime usingcups with fixed handles. This could make you nervous on these first uses of the cup, which could make tremor worse. We recommend trying it in a relaxed environment, at your own pace - and to use both empty and with cold water in, as the cup feels different when you have liquid in. we also suggest you persist trying, because if you can get it working for you, you may find your whole experience of drinking substantially improves.
  40. Is the Hidden Lid just for right handed people?
    No. The Hidden Lid also works for left handed people. You just place the lid with the drink hole in the position you want and push down to fix it in place. Normally this is with the drink hole at a right angle to the handle.
  41. Do I need lots of strength to open the Hidden Lid?
    No. The seal is designed to allow easy placing of the cup on to the cup and for pushing off. The rim slightly overhangs the rim of the cup, so just push up. However, some people with extreme weakness or pain in the fingers may find it a bit difficult to push the lid up - but this is more rare.
  42. Are handSteady cups dishwasher and microwave proof?
    Yes. They have been made to be dishwasher and microwave proof. You can place the cup anywhere in the dishwasher. It’s also suitable for autoclave sterlisation machines.
  43. Where can I submit feedback on the product?
    You can give feedback on the product here.
  44. How long does it take to learn how to use it?
    It varies. The Rotatable Handle, whilst a simple concept, can require a little time to learn how to use it. Some people instantly find a way to use it that delivers the best result for them. Others take a little longer such as trying it everytime they drink vor the course of a day or so, or over the period of 1-2 months at occassional times. This is why we give an extended period to try the cups with the 90-days money back guarantee.
  45. Is handSteady cups available for other colors?
    No, handSteady cups only come in white, which is color matched to bone china cups. We are exploring creating a version of handSteady cup that has a print on it in the future.
  46. How do you make the cups?
    handSteady cups are produced in compliance with ISO9001 quality standards using food and drink safe material (the cup is made from polypropelene, and has a silicon seal). An injection moulding process is used to create a very precise high quality product. This is important because for the Rotatable Handle mechanism to smoothly rotate, the dimensions need to be accurate to half the width of a human hair. It also means the rim of the cup and the rim of the Hidden Lid is smooth to touch. The cups are then hand assembled, checked and tested using rigorous testing procedures led by highly profficient engineers. Once created, we place the cups in packaging with illustrated instructions on how to use the cups and referral cards to make it easy for you to let others know about the product. We then pack the cups in strong packing boxes and ship them to our distribution centre.
  47. What are the bonuses gifts?
    These are current bonus gifts available on this website include a music album and a book. The music album is a 30 minute downloadable album of music that is scientifically proven to reduce stress. You can listen to this music when drinking with your handSteady cups, and if you have symptoms affected by stress then it might help make drinking easier for you. The book is a downloadable guide to aids for daily living, which aims to help you navigate the world of products that might be useful for you. To learn more about the bonus gifts click here.
  48. What resources do you have to help me in my research of the cups?
    Our Resources page lists the resources available to help with your research. The main resources we have are:
    • This website starting with the Home page
    • The Free Info Pack which is a downloadable guide, fact sheet and booklets
    • The Drink Easier Assessment which gives you custom tips on if and how handSteady cups can help your situation.
    • The Video Series comprises of 4 videos on drinking easier with handSteady cups
  49. How else could the cups be used?
    handSteady cups are versatile, and can be used in many situations such as when at home (in bed, at the dining table, at a sofa), when out of the home (cafe, restaurants, at a friend or family members’ house and at community groups such as health related support groups) and when travelling (in a car, train, plane and boat). In fact when travelling, handSteady cups more easily able to fit into a cup hold as you can turn the handle upside down (180 degrees). handSteady cups can also be used for other soup, holding biscuits or raisins, taking pills and using as a milk jug to pour milk into other cups.
  50. Do you sell any other products?
    No, not at this current time - although we are in the process of developing new products and services that can help you and the people you care for.
  51. How do I find out about your latest product and promotions?
    To find out about our latest product and promotions, just download the Free Guide.
  52. How should I store my cups?
    You can store your cups in the same way as other cups in a cup board or on the side of your kitchen or room. You can also store one of the cups in a bag you take out when socialising.
  53. What if I decide my handSteady cups are not for me?
    This is absolutely fine. We can give you a refund. Click here to see how to return your product.
  1. Who makes handSteady cups?
    handSteady cups are made by handSteady Ltd, a company set up to help people get a better quality of life by drinking easier with handSteady cups. Since 2012, we’ve helped thousands of people to drink easier in over 30 countries. Our solution is patented, meaning we’re the only company producing cups with Rotatable Handles. We’ve been featured by NBC News, BBC News, Reader’s Digest, Forbes, Discovery News, Channel 5 France, The Huffington Post and The Guardian. And our solution has won multiple awards. We have a wide network of resellers, affiliates, health experts, hospitals and charities who refer patients to handSteady daily.
  2. Where are you based?
    Our day to day operations are based in the UK with our distribution centre China. We produce the cups in China, then ship them directly to fulfil your orders.
  3. I’m interested in reselling handSteady cups, is this possible?
    Yes. Please visit our Resellers page where you can download the Reseller Price List. Working in partnership with resellers is an important way support the widespread distribution of handSteady cups.
  4. How do I become an affiliate?
    Just Contact Us. Please visit our Affiliates page for further information on our Affiliate Programme where you can earn a commission by referring people to this website or direct to us. We give you a full suite of resources.
  5. Can feature your products in our website, magazine, blog, podcast, social media pages etc.?
    Yes absolutely. Just visit our Referral Partnership page for an overview of the resource we can provide you to help you. If you would like a commission, just visit our Affiliates page.
  6. Do you do joint ventures?
    Yes. We do joint ventures with Affiliates and Resellers page. Just Contact Us and we can start exploring joint working opportunities.
  7. Could you promote our product to your network?
    Potentially if it’s of notable value. We could explore you joining us on our new podcast. Just Contact Us outlining what you have in mind.
  8. Do you have distributors we can order form?
    We sell a number of handSteady cups to wholesalers of aids for daily living, including NRS Healthcare (UK), Able 2 (UK and Netherlands), Bjorn Neilsen (Denmark), Identites (France), Domodep (France) and Kinsman Enterprises (USA).
  9. I’m a healthcare professional, can you provide a free sample?
    Probably! We do have a limited supply of samples and we can send one to you free of charge if you’d like to ahve one to demonstrate to patients. Please just Contact Us and/or visit the Healthcare page where you can download the Healthcare Info Pack with resources to help you demonstrate the cups. We can also provide postcards for you to give to patients. Just let us know.
  10. I’m a healthcare professional, can I pay by purchase order?
    Yes. Just send your order via email or Contact Us via the contact form. Remember we offer healthcare discounts and you can get the details on the Healthcare page.
  11. I’m a healthcare organisation, do you offer bulk order discounts?
    Yes. You can get the details on the Healthcare page.
  12. Why do I have to opt-in to get the guides and info packs?
    We would like to send you guides and info packs via email so that its in your inbox ready for future reference. You’ll also be able to share them with your friends, family and healthcare professionals by email easily. In addition, we would like to connect with you and personally help you via email explore if handSteady cups are right for you. We would also like to give you helpful information on other helpful products on a weekly basis. You can opt-out immediately, and if you would prefer to get the details without providing your contact details, just email us.
  13. Can we add our brand and design to the cups?
    Yes, you can co-brand the cup with your brand and design. You can do this as a healthcare establishment like a care home or hospital, or as a corporate gift. Just visit our Corporate Gifts page for further details.
  14. Can we work together in other ways?
    We love working together with people. Do Contact Us with the idea you have in mind.
  15. What other products do you sell?
    We don’t currently sell other products apart from replacement silicon seals. However, we are in the process of developing other products.
  16. What is your privacy policy?
    See our Privacy Notice to see our privacy policy.
  17. I would like you to remove my contact information from your database. Can you do this please?
    Yes, please just Contact Us.
  18. I no longer want to receive emails from you. How can I opt-out?
    You can click on the subscribe link at the bottom of your emails or Contact Us.
  1. How long does shipping take?
    Firstly, with despatching your order, we generally pick, pack and despatch your order after 1 pm every day Monday to Friday, so if you order before 1pm we’ll try to despatch it on the same day. If you order over the weekend, we’ll generally despatch you order on Mondays. We’ll email you to let you know when we have despatched your order. Secondly, with shipping it usually takes up to 2 weeks for orders to arrive. Occassionally orders can take longer to deliver as they can be affected by busy shipping periods, such as before the holidays, if extreme weather affects the delivery route, and if the shipping service in the destination country is experiencing delays.
  2. Do you ship internationally?
    We deliver to all addresses.
  3. Can I order using one billing address and ship to another address?
    Yes you can ship your order anywhere, and it can be sent to a different address to your billing address, with the exception of if you order by PayPal when we send to the address you provide in PayPal.
  4. Where is my order?
    If your order is late in arriving, you can Contact Us to confirm your order was despatched. Please just let us know your shipping address so that we can confirm it. We can then verify the date the cup was sent to you, and an estimate on the delivery time. Your order should be with you within 1-2 weeks depending on your location, however, it could take up to 3 weeks in certain circumstances depending on weather and busy times of the year, such as the holidays. If you’re concerned about where your order is, please Contact Us, and confirm your shipping address. Please note, we don’t use tracked shipping unless its a large quantity that is being shipped. Also, if you are not sure if your order went through, then check your emails, because if you’ve received an email confirmation then we’ve received the order. But if you can’t find an email confirmation, even in your junk folder - please just Contact Us and we can confirmed if the order went through ok.
  5. Do you do order tracking?
    For small order quantities we don’t do order tracking. However, we do order tracking for larger order quantities, particularly for resellers.
  6. I am ordering handSteady cups as a gift, will the price show on the delivery receipt?
    No, we don’t list the price on the delivery receipt included with your cups, so the person you’re giving the cups for won’t know the price you paid by looking at the delivery receipt.
  7. Where can I submit feedback on the shipping process?
    To give feedback on the ordering process, click here.
  8. What is your money back guarantee?
    Our 100% money back guarantee lasts for 90-days. You can get a full refund of your money if you want to return handSteady cups. See our Guarantee page for more details and details on how to return your order below.
  9. How do I return my order?
    To return your order simply send it to us with a note that includes your name, your email address that you used to order the cups and that you would like a refund. You can write this note on your own paper, or click here to download a form you can print out and complete by typing in or writing on if that is easier for you. Please return within 90 days of your order date so that we can ensure you can get your refund to you swiftly and with ease.
    The address to send it to you is:
    handSteady Limited
    Unit 5
    Bluie Ribbon Park, Coventry
    CV6 5RE
    United Kingdom
    The guarantee is only for orders by consumers, not for resellers or bulk order purchases.
  10. How will you refund my money?
    We refund your money via the way you paid, either back to your credit or debit card account or PayPal account.
  11. I’ve returned the cups, but haven’t received a refund. When will you process my refund?
    We process orders as soon as possible after receiving the cups, and normally within 1-2 days. We will notify you by email once we’ve processed the refund. However if you’re concerned about whether we have received the returned cups, just Contact Us.
  12. Does the refund include shipping?
    The refund includes the shipping cost for us to deliver you the cups, but does not include your shipping costs to return the cups to us.
  13. The cost of returning the cups is very high, which seems unfair, what can you do to help?
    Please note that the money back guarantee doesn’t include return shipping. If the shipping cost is high because you’re sending it internationally, let us know as we could arrange a refund on the basis of you donating it to a local care home, friend, family member or local charity - if this works for you.
  14. Do I have to return the bonus gifts if returning the cups?
    No, you can keep the bonus gifts even if you return the cups.
  15. What manufacturer’s warranty do you provide?
    We offer a 12-month quick replacement warranty. In the very unlikely event of a product defect, just in touch and we’ll arrange an exchange to be sent to you. However, we ask that you cover the shipping costs. If you would like replacement seals for the lids, you can order them here.