Success Stories

handSteady cups have helped many people to make drinking easier and improve their quality of life. Below we invite you to learn about their life enhancing stories, in their words..

Anne Camozzi,
Nova Scotia, Canada

I had not expected the pain reduction

The handSteady cup makes such a huge improvement in the quality and ease of my life, I can't stop talking about it. Not only does it decrease pain, spasm, and spillage significantly, it makes me feel more comfortable and confident in social occasions. It truly delivers everything it promises. I just had a hot cup of tea NOT in a travel mug for the first time in two years. I had not expected the pain reduction in the ability to drink without tilting my neck back. I lifted a full, glass of water off the counter with no top and no spilling. I love the grip. I feel like i just won the lottery. It's a life changer.

Jackie Farrell, Surrey, UK

I can keep the liquid in the cup despite my tremor

I have had Essential Tremor for 39 years. With a normal cup the handle is fixed and most of the liquid doesn't remain in the cup. But with handSteady, I can rotate the handle and keep the liquid in the mug despite my tremor.

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Eli Benksy, Houston, USA

My hand shakes; my handSteady cup doesn’t (shake)

Ronnie Ives, Durham, UK

I use the handSteady cup all day, every day

I use the handSteady cup all day, every day. I love it. I have 4 cups. Very useful being able to use it in the microwave. As a Spinal Muscular Atrophy sufferer, it’s a big help. Thank you for all you're doing to help us enjoy a cuppa with a bit of dignity.

Linda Flemming

A gift for my aunt whose hands shake

I bought the cup as a Christmas gift for my aunt whose hands shake a lot. Was not sure how it would be received but she now uses it every day! Cannot thank you enough for coming up with the concept. As soon as I got it I took it into work to show to my health sector colleagues so that they can share the information with their patients should the need arise.

Dorothy Politziner, USA

NEVER had a spill!

Overall, I would say the cup is a huge improvement in my life. I drink hot tea several times a day and, using the handSteady, have NEVER had a spill! I love how light it is. I also love that it is dishwasher safe. Since it is likely that my tremors will increase as I age, I anticipate that my handSteady will be more and more of a benefit to me going forward.

Lisa Murphy

I use crutches and can now carry a hot drink without fear of spilling or burning myself

Carrying a hot drink has not been possible for quite a while. I have mobility difficulties and as a consequence use crutches. The handSteady has been really beneficial to me. I can now make myself a hot drink and carry it without fear of spilling or burning myself. Sometimes in life it's the little things that make a big difference! Would happily recommend it.

Ronnie Farnham

Joy of enjoying a drink again

Apart from giving me the joy of enjoying a drink again it also gives CONFIDENCE to know that you can drink perfectly well with other people around!... and Joy of Joys!! I can now take my early morning cuppa back to bed and sip it "at peace".

Isabel Horne

As I can have a sore neck, it helps a lot

I am very pleased with the handSteady cups. I have four altogether! One for tea, one for juice, one for hot chocolate and another for fruit tea! I find that the handles are excellent as they are large enough to get all four fingers in and so it is more secure to hold the cup. Also, as I can have a sore neck, it helps a lot that there is no need to tip your head back when drinking.

Judi Brun, Croydon, UK

Makes me feel much more confident

I have got multiple sclerosis and the control of my hands in using a mug has got worse which makes me feel very self-concious about spilling. handSteady makes me feel much more confident that I can get the cup to my mouth and drink it without spilling.

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Barbara Bond,
Bedfordshire, UK

If I lose my grip it is still safe

I have essential tremor which has gradually got worse over the past thirty years – I am 86 now – and I suspect I will be even more glad of the cup in future. I always take a handSteady with me on holiday or to a conference. It is so much neater than the travel mug which I used to carry around with me. I really appreciate the smooth lid and the big handle. I don’t make much use of the fact that the handle rotates, but I can put my hand through and hold the cup knowing that if I lose my grip it is still safe.

Russell Henman, UK

I can now drink a fully cup of builders’ tea

I have multiple sclerosis. I can use the rotatable handle to adjust the flow. I have weak hands but I can now drink a full cup of builders' tea without spilling it all over myself.

John Brown, Surrey, UK

Makes me feel quite secure

handSteady makes me feel quite secure when drinking because I have control of the cup - with a bigger handle and the way it swings into your mouth. It's a lot easier to tilt into the mouth. The cup's handle is very easy to hold.

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